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What is Minoxidil Topical?
People with hair thinning or baldness use Rogaine to slow down hair loss and stimulate their growth.
People who took the medicine reported an unusual side effect: the hair began to grow in different parts of their bodies.
Researchers began to study the effect of using a solution of minoxidil directly on the scalp. They found that daily use slows hair loss and leads to the appearance of new hair.
No one knows how this works, but some scientists believe that Rogaine causes hair growth by reducing the resting phase of the hair follicle during its life cycle.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a prescription for addressing the problem of hair loss in men in 1988 and for women in 1992.

Rogaine for Women

Many different factors cause loss or thinning of hair in women, including conditions, changes in hormones with age and other hormonal disorders, and reactions to certain medications.
If you have thinning hair, check with your doctor to find out what causes hair loss before using Rogaine.

Rogaine for the skin of the face

There are anecdotal reports that when Rogaine is applied to the skin of the face, the growth of hair on this area of ​​the body is accelerated.
However, Rogaine is not approved for use for such purposes, and there are no studies showing that it is really effective for growing a beard.
Edit Warnings
You should not use a lot of Rogaine if you are allergic to minoxidil or any other ingredients of the drug.
Avoid applying Rogaine to irritated areas of the scalp.
If you have kidney problems, ask your doctor if Rogaine is safe for you.

Pregnancy and Rogaining

Rogaine can not be safe for the developing child. However, most doctors believe that Rogaine is safe for use during breastfeeding of your child.
Talk with your doctor before using Rogaine, if you are pregnant, plan a pregnancy or breast-feeding.

Side effects

Common side effects
The most common side effects are itching, rash or skin irritation.
Serious side effects
As with any medication, serious side effects are always possible, but at the moment no side effects of Rogaine have been reported.

Rogaining: interactions

Inform your doctor and pharmacist of all the medicines you take.
Rogaine does not really interact with other drugs applied to the skin or orally.
However, if you are already using a medicine that can irritate your skin or cause dryness, you should be careful when using Rogaine.
Rogaine and alcohol
While Rogaine and alcohol do not seem to interact, alcohol can cause dry skin, especially if you drink heavily.
Limit alcohol consumption or drink in moderation until you use Rogaine to reduce skin irritation.

Rogaine Dosage

Rogaine for women is available in a 2% solution of minoxidil; RogaineExtraStrength for men – 5% minoxidil.
Foam formulations Rogaine for men and women are 5 percent minoxidil.
Regardless of which version of Rogaine you use, you only need to apply 1 milliliter (ml) to the scalp.
It may take about three months before you notice the result of Rogaine’s daily use. If you have not noticed a slowing of hair loss or the growth of new hair within four months of using Rogaine, stop using it and ask your doctor about other treatment options.


You must never swallow Rogaine.

However, if you or someone else swallowed it, immediately go to the emergency room or the toxicology center.

Missed dose of Rogaine

If you forget to apply Rogaine, do it as soon as you remember.
However, if it’s time for the next use, skip it and use it at the time you planned.
Do not double the amount of Rogaine you normally use.

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